Teatro Das Estrelas

Teatro Das Estrelas. Theater of the Stars. In short: a planetarium. This one is in Brazil, but there are planetariums all over the world. And – right there – the first planetarium conundrum is dealt with, because a common question is: What is the plural of planetarium? Should it be planetaria or planetariums? And the answer is: it can be either; and since planetariums is easier for people to understand and remember, that is the choice of this website.

A question frequently occurring with planetariums concerns what they are for. Are they intended for entertainment or education? The answer, of course, is that they are intended for both. A planetarium is, without question, an educational resource and school visits are made all the time to most planetariums across the globe, including Teatro Das Estrelas which is actually part of the educational secretariate in the Municipality of Buri, in which Teatro Das Estrelas is located. It is also, though, a place of entertainment and no one who has watched children enraptured by the scene played out before them will have failed to understand just how valuable that entertainment is.

Indeed, some well-known astronomers and astrophysicists have said that their interest was first aroused when their parents or school took them to a planetarium show.

The essential characteristic of the planetarium is that it uses one or more of a range of available technologies to simulate the motions of the various celestial bodies – stars, planets, galaxies – and show in an accurate way how these complex movements link together. What is required above all other planetarium is that the show it presents be accurate.