Theatrical plays and performances have been used to entertain the audience for thousands of years. It not only requires acting but setting up a play requires a lot of other kinds of work. Lights, settings on the stage, selecting actors for the roles and then the promotion. The team which puts together a play has to use creativity and perfectly timed administration in a perfect sync. Cinema which is enthralling audience all over the world at the present is a product of the theatre and theatre actors always are among the best.

shutterstock_406450738The most famous theater actors

Just getting a Bachelor of performing arts degree does not mean you can become an actor. It takes long hours of practice, and self-criticism to develop acting skills. This can be seen in some of the actors from theatre, who have made it big in world cinema. The most well known among them is Morgan Freeman. He started off acting in school dramas after having a difficult childhood. Acting came naturally to him, and he soon rose to be an acclaimed actor in theatre and then in movies. Another actor who has risen from the theatre is Sir Ian McKellen, who played the famous Magneto character in X-Men.

Theater exposure is a necessity for better acting

Most of the actors in world cinema have initially done theatre work. So, the question is how does theatre help in refining the acting skills? Theater requires not just acting, but being involved in the production of the whole play and set up. Thus the individual learns the intricacies of how a particular story is being told. This helps him/her in incorporating the same in their acting careers. Good theatre artists like Rober De Niro not only excelled in acting but directing and producing movies which are really noteworthy. Thus theatre completes the training of the person, making him/her a complete package.